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This web site is dedicated to my work at Gilberts Architect done in the last 5 years. I consider myself a 3d artist. I have gain trough the years a considerable amount of experience in 3D modeling and rendering services for architectural design presentations. Interior Design projects are also services I can provide.

I qualified as an architectural technician in 1991 while working as an apprentice Haute - Savoie, France.
My main experience with this company was residential alterations and refurbishment. Following my diploma, I worked for Stephani, Frey, Barada Architects, where I worked on the prestigious residential development La Maison des Stroumpfs ,Geneva. I then moved to the UK where I qualified in 1995 with a B.A (hons) in Interior Design. After graduating , I worked in London for Peter Wood & Partners where I worked on the refurbishment of the American Church in London. I then moved to Edinburgh where I join John Graham Architects/ 3di Ltd. There I was involved in producing construction details for their Bahamas office and also was introduced to the art of 3d modeling. I then moved to Scottish Provident where I work as a space planner, responsible for the space strategy their main offices in the UK. I also worked on a diverse range of interior design projects, in particular their head office building in Edinburgh.
In 1999 I joined Teamweb Limited/ Gilberts Associates. Since then I have worked on a variety of 3d modeling projects for prestigious residential developments in Edinburgh and Glasgow, as well as acting as the interior design consultant within the firm. My hope is that site will serve purposes such as a repository of my work and also and information recourse.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me. It gives me great satisfaction when people of the same professions talk and exchange ideas with one another. I have learned so much from this....
a bientot,